Everything you see is my brainchild, my creation, from HTML5, CSS3 design layout to JavaScript in the front end to Apache Server working with PHP and MySQL in my Debian Linux as back end. Hence a full stack Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP aka LAMP Stack server that I single handedly built myself. The site is secured https built from scratch by utilizing Python certbot! As you navigate my portfolio, you will discover projects for example my PHP Web Application Project, Wild Cat Project (I have a degree in Wildlife Biology hence Ecology of Wildlife I am very passionate about), My Data Science Project, Python Project, GIS & Spatial Data Analyst Projects and also many related tech stacks that I am working with! By the time you finish browsing my portfolio, you should have good understanding with regards to my skills, knowledge, ability and most importantly relentless endeavor, tanacity and perseverance as applied computer scientist and wildlife biologist. Please click 'PORTFOLIO' below to dive right into my exciting world!